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External Hard Drives

All types of External Hard drives like new, used, branded,

unbranded drives, 80 GB SATA to 4 TB hard drives are

available at a very reasonable price only at our online store.


Are external hard drives worth it?

If you find yourself in situations where file transfers
need to occur quickly, then the convenience
(and extra up-front cost) of a faster external
a hard drive is worth considering. The typical
the hard drive is rated at 5,400 pm, but there are
many faster models on the market.

How long do hard drives last externally?

The average lifespan for an external hard drive, assuming no physical damage occurs, is around 3-5 years, depending on the make, model, and conditions it is stored in. If you’re using an external hard drive to back up your data, you might want to consider replacing it every few years to ensure your data is safe

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