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Genuine Best Quality intel CPU Heatsink Fan Lock 4 Pair Set


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intel Heat sink Fan lock

Pack of 4

How do you remove a pin from a heatsink?
Turn the push pins with a flat bladed screwdriver counterclockwise 90
degrees to release them. Pull up the push pins. Remove the fan. Turn the push
pins clockwise at 90 degrees to reset them.
How to Clean CPU Fan Without removing it?

Things You Need. …

  1.  Shutdown and Unplug Your Computer.
  2.  ​Clean the Fan Blades.
  3.  ​Remove Dust From the Heatsink Surface Using a Toothpick.
  4.  Clean the Remaining Dust Off the Surface With a Cotton Swab
When should I clean my heatsink?
Nevertheless, dust and grime that build upon the heatsink over time may actually
cause more heat than it dissipates. Consequently, you must clean your video card’s
heatsink occasionally to prevent overheating and failure.
What would happen if you put the thermal paste in a processor?
Simply put, thermal paste helps your CPU cooler do its job and a
cooler CPU means fewer potential performance issues, such as throttling.
How Does it Works?
Heatsinks work by absorbing heat from the CPU or GPU to which they
are attached. … As the CPU or GPU warms up, heat will transfer to these
fins where it’s released using a fan. A fan is attached over the heatsink to
circulate air. The fan runs in reverse, meaning it draws the hot air away
from the CPU or GPU.




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