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Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor


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Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor

  • Total Cores 4.
  • Total Threads 4.
  • Max Turbo Frequency 3.40 GHz.
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Frequency 3.40 GHz.
  • Base Frequency 3.10 GHz.
  • Cache 6 MB Intel® Smart Cache.
  • TDP 95 W.


Does Intel® Core™ i5 have a Warranty?

Yes it has up to 30 days to check the warranty

Does Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor being Repaired?

No, we don’t sell any repaired products

How many cores have it?

4, You may also call it a quad-core I series processor.

what does the processor actually do?

The processor, also known as the CPU, provides the instructions and

processing power the computer needs to do its work. The more powerful

and updated your processor, the faster your computer can complete

its tasks. By getting a more powerful processor, you can help your

computer think and work faster.

What is a PC processor and what does it do? A central processing
unit, or CPU, is a piece of hardware that enables your computer
to interact with all of the applications and programs installed.
A CPU interprets the program’s instructions and creates the
output that you interface with when you’re using a computer.
In general, a higher clock speed means a faster CPU. However,
many other factors come into play. Your CPU processes many
instructions (low-level calculations like arithmetic) from
different programs every second. The clock speed
measures the number of cycles your CPU executes per
second, measured in GHz (gigahertz).
Which processor is the fastest? The fastest processor you can
buy right now is the Intel Core i9-12900K. It comes with 24
cores and high clock speeds, allowing it to rip through games
and intense productivity applications. AMD has its Ryzen 9
7950X, which is also very fast.



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