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USB Mouse Microsoft Intelli Mouse 1.1 OEM-6074121-1


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USB Mouse Microsoft Intelli Mouse

Usb Mouse Microsoft Intelli Mouse Optical 1.1 5Button OEM-6074121-1

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What is a LED mouse?
A mouse that uses light to detect movement. …
work by emitting light from an LED or laser, and a
CMOS sensor detects the light reflections as the mouse is moved
Is optical or laser mouse better?
A laser mouse is more sensitive and can be used on any type of surface,
even transparent ones. An optical mouse is generally more accurate
and such mice tend to be much more cost-effective. Long gone are the days
of trackball mice, and gamers today have to choose between laser and
optical technology.
What are the different types of Mouse?
What Are the Different Types of Computer Mouse Models?
  • Wired Mouse. A wired mouse connects directly to your desktop or laptop,
  • usually through a USB port, and transmits information via the cord. …
  • Bluetooth Mouse. …
  • Trackball Mouse. …
  • Optical Mouse. …
  • Laser Mouse. …
  • Magic Mouse. …
  • USB Mouse. …
  • Vertical Mouse.



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